Getting Ready to Ride Long

I’m just over six months out from the RAAM Challenge in Ohio. I’ve certainly never ridden 640 Km (400 miles) before, in fact I’ve done exactly half that. But one thing I do know is that fortunately difficulty in riding doesn’t increase in difficulty with every extra kilometer that you add, otherwise I never would have even been able to do 320 km.

As long as I can keep the food down, and my hydration levels up (plus keep my mental state in a reasonable shape…and oh yes, keep the lack of sleep in check) then if I’ve done my training right, and have at least one ride at around 75% of the total, I should be right.

I rode last year in New Zealand, and for a short time rode with Ron Skelton, who completed a full RAAM a few years earlier. This was in November, and he had only been back in training for 5 weeks! He did an iron man the previous March, but had totally put the bike away till he decided he couldn’t not compete. Now, I was doing a 320 km ride, but he was doing the 1280 km. A total of eight laps of Lake Taupo. Now the key thing here I think is he had an awesome base (probably also above average physiology), and so just needed a top up, which he said he was able to do with some single legged intervals, which took around an hour each morning, plus a couple of 200 km rides.

So, look. At this stage, its all about building that base, as much as I can, without getting too worked up about intensity, heart rate, and all of that stuff, that can come later.

Again, to put things in context also…here is a picture of what I do for about four hours each day…I travel by car and train as an IT manager to Nth Melbourne, from my home in Geelong. I leave home at 6:10am each morning, and get back home again around the same time in the evening.


So, my basic plan is this right now…as I get home about 6:30pm each night, I eat my dinner pretty much straight away, then at around 8:30pm, jump on my indoor trainer four days a week to become a Zwift demon..then punch out a couple of long rides each weekend.

For example this morning I rode around the Bellarine peninsula, stopping off at Lake Connewarre for a quick break…


The good thing about Zwift is that I can do the structured workouts, and get as much bang for my buck as a I can, and while the Autumn sun lasts, get some real riding in.

So for now, it really just consistency, and riding to build a base, so that when I need to, I can start to add some intensity, strength and mental training into my regime…

Tomorrow I heading out with some mates (most times I ride alone), so that will be fun, so cheers for now…

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