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After a fantastic epic gravel ride last weekend with Byron, and a short recovery ride on Sunday, with a 50km flat spin, it was back to work. Monday has lately turned into a rest day, which was a good thing as my legs were cactus after a relatively solid weekend. The major bad news for the week was that the train commute has turned to shit. The train has pretty much  been standing room only on the 1.5 hour trip home. So, by the end of the week I was knackered.

On the training front, I’ve been following a training program on Zwift in an effort to build my functional threshold power, and from Tuesday through Friday, I spent around one and a half hours on the indoor trainer each night. It was not too bad (need to mentally prepare for it though), but towards Friday I was  fried. On Friday, I tried to follow the most difficult workout for awhile, but just couldn’t hold the required power, and had to stop the session with about 10 mins to go. I think a combination of a solid weekend, not enough recovery time, and pretty long hours at work through the week had caught up with me.

On Saturday, I rode a relatively modest 70 km up to the You Yangs. It wasn’t particularly warm, but it was very humid, and I wasn’t really feeling it by the end. I was very glad to get home and vegetate for the rest of the day.

I really wanted to do a big ride Sunday, and had planned a 150 km workout, but I knew in reality I had to take it easy. I was determined to do at least a metric century though (I really want to get out and ride to Lorne, so I can post some photos, as it’s my favorite ride of anywhere…alas, another day).

The forecast was for a light easterly, and overcast but pleasant weather, so I decided to ride the Cadel loop. This ride follows reasonably closely the Cadel  peoples ride, which runs each year in my local area, organised by of course no one other than Cadel Evans.

Cadel loop

My slightly modified Cadel’s Loop

The official loop normally starts in East Geelong, and is I think approx 120 km, but following my course from home, is just over 100 km.


That view is better than my office…Bells Beach just before the Easter surfing festival

The best part of the ride, is that it takes in Bells Beach, winding along the coast for a short distance. With Easter just a couple of weeks away, the Ripcurl surfing classic is being set up, with lots of surfers dotted along the main beach and the spectator stands going up. Its a good ride. Its relatively flat, except where you climb out of Torquay, and Bells Beach, but nothing too difficult.

For me the great advantage is that the home stretch, through the Barrabool hills, takes me straight back home. Generally this last leg is very wind assisted, not on this day, but was nothing too terrible.


Nearly home…view across the Barrabool Hills outside Geelong

I’ve also been keenly following the Indian Pacific Wheel Race. This race is over 5000km in length, the riders travelling from Perth to Sydney, following the southern Australian coastline. The riders themselves compete totally unsupported, carrying all their gear with them. The competition is really heating up. As of today (Sunday 26th) the front riders are likely to pass by Geelong, starting to make their way north to Sydney. Fantastic stuff. At the moment, Kristof Allegaert is around 3,950km into the event, passing Princetown.

My plan for the next week is pretty much the same as the previous one. Each night, it will be Zwift time (I’m into week 8 of the FTP training program), and then I’ll start thinking about the weekend ride based on how I feel. If I can, I really want to ride the Great Ocean Road…its been too long!

I’m also starting to think about the gear side of things for my ride in Ohio. I’ve got a good underseat bag (you can see it in my last blog post on my mountain bike), which as I will be unsupported, will carry most of my gear. Inspired by the IPWR, I’ve seen some good tube bags, and as I need to carry spare batteries, and food, I’m thinking will be a good investment, so I’m going to start looking.

Cheerio for now!

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