Riding to Torquay, is again, just one of those things that you need to do if you visit this region. The Torquay of my childhood, is one of a small seaside village, full of holiday homes, surfers, and quiet roads.

Things have changed somewhat, and the ride to Torquay is quite a busy one now, full of cars, but certainly worth the effort, and still has the same charm of years ago.

My general route is to follow the surf coast highway out of Geelong, starting, or going past the Grovedale pub. It’s from here that most cycling groups arrange their gathering point. The road from the pub to Torquay is just a straight undulating road, and passes through a number of new housing developments that are springing up. The wind direction is predominately westerly, so most times will come from your right. The only major climb is up to Mt Duneed, but to be honest its not really much of a climb. The only difficulty is more traversing the roundabout, as it gets quite busy at times, and should be approached with caution.

Torquay itself is still a reasonably small town, but through summer does swell with tourists. Turning left into the town itself (from the first major roundabout you hit), you pass by a number of shops, and if you want, there are also a few places to stop off for coffee. Head east along the esplanade, until you hit Horseshoe bend road, which is not as busy as the highway, and you will be sure to pass numerous other cyclists out for their daily ride.

Horseshoe Bend road takes its name from a feature about half way back to Geelong, where it dips down to a river crossing, and small bridge, before straitening up again to run parallel with the highway to the west (as can be seen in the map above).

The road takes you pretty much back to the back of the pub, and you can make your way home. There are lots of extensions you can make to this short trip (from my house, this is just under a 50km ride), like going down Blackgate road towards Barwon Heads. But that can be for another section.

This is just a good, gentle, easy ride. No real climbing all the way, and a great hit out if you just want to get a few reasonably flat km’s under your belt. Watch the traffic, and enjoy Torquay, which on a bright day is just a great place to ride through.